Technical Support & Billing info

When you need help or have questions, log into your H-sphere Control Panel and search Support>> Knowledge Base. If your question is not answered, submit a trouble ticket.

Sending e-mail or a trouble ticket will get results. Requests are answered promptly, usually in less than 24 hours.

Phone: (856) 881-6000. Hours of Operation: 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST.
To contact billing, please e-mail us for faster results.

General: How to move an existing website to Sheer Web Host with little or no downtime.


Cart32 Login

Info, Tutorials & Downloads

To use the Cart32 e-commerce program on your site, you must sign up for a Cart 32 plan.


Follow instructions in your confirmation e-mail and login to your H-sphere Control Panel to set up e-mail, MySQL, etc.
You will receive a second e-mail with instructions for logging into Cart32. Follow our Quick Reference Guide for the correct settings in your Cart32 admin panel.

If moving an existing cart to Sheer Web Host, attach an export file from the old cart.

We use the latest Cart32 Version (currently See the “Version 8 Cheat Sheet” for a quick look at what has changed since v.7.

See Cart32 Knowledge Base for detailed instructions. Happy e-commercing!

Customizing Cart32 page templates.
Download v.8 templates.
You can edit templates and images from within the Cart Admin. Click Shopping Cart >> Appearance 2.

Removing Cart32 ad links, Cart Summary Window and other cart customizations / See Cart32 Knowledge Base for more.

Migrating an existing Cart32 to Sheer Web Host Cart32 Getting Started Guide Version 8
Dummy Credit Card Numbers

Credit card images

Using a Database – See Features and Configurations

Sample Access database

Store32 Manual Version 8

Create themed store from Cart32 admin panel. payment gateway and merchant account
Web-Based Form Wizard Click to use online.

wordpressCart32 WordPress plug-in

SSL cert for cart pages

joomlaCart32 modules. Install in the Joomla Extensions menu.
Joomla module for Sheer Web Host

Joomla Donate module for Sheer Web Host