linux-windows Sheer Web Hosting plansPlans for business, creative and personal websites.


Linux.arr_r_a Best all-purpose hosting solution for business websites and creative websites.

E-Commerce - Cart32. Proven shopping cart solution for online sales.

arr_r_a WordPress. Specialized for blogs and websites that you can update yourself.

arr_r_aDedicated | VPS. Extra heavy-duty solutions for enterprise.

What you get with all Sheer Web Host plans:

Secure, managed hosting services for your business or personal use.

If your needs grow, we can seamlessly migrate your account to a larger, fully managed, dedicated or virtual private server.


data centerData Centers & Support

Sheer Web Host has data centers in both Dallas, Texas, and Toronto, Canada, with infrastructure, networks and IPs. On-Premise, United States-based 24×7 e-mail and phone support.

Linux servers with the latest PHP + MySQL.

Because of new privacy and security regulations, we have changed from a shared server system to a secure, updated, superfast Virtual Private Network (VPN).  We call this our Virtual Private Co-op server. Hosting space is shared with a small group of established Sheer Web customers and pre-screened new accounts, so the chance of hacking from a neighbor website is greatly reduced. (On a shared server, your site resides with multitudes of unknown website accounts.)



SpamExperts inbound and outbound e-mail filtering included for every domain. Outbound filtering provides a blacklist free, business grade email service. Enterprise inbound mail filtering with digests, to manage your spam and enterprise grade filtering for spam and viruses, to keep your inbox clean.

Advanced Mail System


  • Multiple mail resources including mail forwarding
  • Antivirus and antispam filtering
  • Integrated WebMail

BAckupBackup and restore

Bacula4 offers 15 restore points of all your data and self-service restore of all files, databases and e-mail, from your Hsphere control panel.

anti-virusAnti-Virus Scanning and Reporting

Sheer Web Host actively scans servers for injections/infections and will notify you when there is an issue and provide the tools for you to recover when something does go wrong. Often times, we will automatically remove the injected material, notify you of the results and provide as many details of possible to help you not only clean up the issue, but, prevent it from happening again.

User-friendly Hsphere control panel

control panel users

  • Integrated support center
  • Many user tools (skins, email, database, statistics, etc.)
  • Integrated PHP/MySQL Applications
  • Sub-domains with functionalities of regular domains
  • FTP access (Virtual FTP and FTP sub-accounts, Anonymous FTP, Secure FTP)
  • SSL support