Quick Reference: Your Cart32 Settings

After you sign up for a Cart32 account, you should receive a Cart32 setup message containing your cart client code and Cart32 login info. Submit a trouble ticket from your website (H-sphere) control panel for any questions.

The following settings are specific to carts hosted on Sheer Web Host. These are only the basic required settings. See Getting Started Guide and the Help section of the Cart32 admin panel for more advanced settings.

NOTE: Wherever you see “yourclientcode” in the following instructions, replace it with your actual client code.

1. IMPORTANT! Before you begin cart setup, be sure to login to your H-sphere Control Panel and click the e-mail icon. Click New Email and add a mailbox for your order confirmation address (usually called “sales” or “orders“).
If you want the mail to be forwarded to you, enter your real e-mail address in the mail forward box and check MAIL FORWARD. Click Submit.

Also, if you process credit cards online and need to pass Payment Card Industry (PCI) tests, follow the steps below to switch to a dedicated IP address. (The new IP can take up to 24 hours to resolve across the Internet):
Under Domain Settings, Click Web options. At top, see IP Address. Click ‘CHANGE to Dedicated IP’.

2. Changes to your website pages:

The HTML code for your Cart Buttons is: https://www.cart32hosting.com/sheerwebhost/cart32.exe/yourclientcode/

If you’re transferring your cart from another host, be sure to find and replace all instances of the previous cart code with the Sheer Web Host code above.

 3. Your Cart32 Admin Panel

Login at: https://www.cart32hosting.com/sheerwebhost/c32web.exe

 4. Recommended Settings in Cart32 Admin:
  • File Tab>

Enter the mailbox you created in Step 2 (for example, sales@yourdomain.com) in the E-mail field. This will be displayed to your customers in their order confirmations.

Leave the bottom three fields blank to enable the Cart32 mail server.

  • File Tab>Advanced>

Template Files: You can access and edit the cart templates from your Cart32 admin — so you do not need to FTP these files. You can leave this field blank.
Secure domain name: Leave blank.
Secure CGI directory = /sheerwebhost/ (Be sure to include the “/” before and after the name.)

    • Orders>Settings Tab>
      Check E-mail Response to Client and E-mail Response to Customer.
    • Appearance Tab>All Pages>
      Title Image can be uploaded from your computer with this tab.Click on the three images stacked on top of each other next to Title Image, and it will show the Upload Image screen from Store32. Find the image you want for the title image and click the “Click Here to Select” link that appears above the image preview. Once you do that, the path for that image will automatically be filled in.
    • Products Tab>Set Up Product Link>
      Select Product Table Setup: Leave as is if you don’t use a products database.
      Access Database: Select Product Table Setup: Use external database, click Save.
      Access Database Name = c:\ozarkol\cart32hosting.com\sheerwebhost\client\yourclientcode\db\products.mdbMySQL: create the database in your H-sphere control panel and then submit a ticket requesting MySQL/Cart32 setup. Include complete info (database name, server, user name and password).

Customizing Cart32 Template Files

In your Cart32 admin panel, go to Shopping Cart >> Appearance 2>>Template Files. Select a file and edit it.

To display Cart32’s GoDaddy SSL seal, add this code to ItemList.html and/or SendOrder.html, ReviewOrder.html, ConfirmOrder.html:

<span id=”siteseal”>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”https://seal.godaddy.com/getSeal?sealID=RJyxeQpi5iAkaZLv5Xg8qcccex4spGAnSE26WCdxm7HIymxqGr </script></span>